Body Care

Airbrush Spray Tan  $30

Sun kissed and sexy ... the healthy way.  Professional Spray Tanning containing botanically extracted ingredients.  No tanning bed is safe, over exposure to the sun causes skin damage, spray tans are your safe alternative to a bronzed body all year round    

Body scrubs  $45 

Relax while enjoying 1 of our 4 body scrubs. Exfoliate, improve circulation, improve cellulite and aging and let your skin glow.  Follow with a massage for an amazing body experience.   Choose from:

Dry Brush Scrub

Organic Sea Salt Glow 

Sensitive Sugar Scrub 

Hydrating Body Butter  

 Spa Bacial  $60

Our Signature Spa Facial on your back.  Let your forgotten back be pampered every once in a while.  Ideal for all clients suffering from back acne to someone who simply wants a thorough cleaning of that hard to reach area.  An all year treatment to prepare your skin to be exposed to the world during the summer and to combat the sun damage caused during the summer months.   


Body Wraps  $75

Luxury at its best.  Enjoy a full body scrub, followed by a mud application and then relax while enveloped in a warm wrap.  Instant gratification for those looking to feel like silk.

Choose from:

Black Detox

Tingling Firm/Slim/Anti-Cellulite

Chocolate Hydration(most popular)

Body Microdermabrasion

Pricing based on area.  Your choice, experience the mini, basic or advanced treatment on different body areas.  Treat sun damaged skin on your delicate chest, refine your shoulders, exfoliate your upper arms.  Tell us your body concerns and we will guide you with the best treatment protocol. 

Body Relaxation

Massage  $30/30min, $40/45min, $50/60min 

Choose From:  Relaxation Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Indian Head Massage 


Treat yourself to a smoother, sexier figure! Velashape II contours, shapes and slims the body by improving cellulite and reducing circumference in as few as 4 treatment sessions

Price determined during free consultation


Slimwrap $75

All in one cellulite, slimming and detox wrap combined with heat treatment.

Short term results, ideal for a special occasion