Our Mission

Always Smooth Spa was started by 3 sisters in 2011. As a mobile services spa we decided to plant roots on Dundas st. in London, ON in August 2011. With our new location we were able to expand our treatments to become the professional full service day spa we are today. We set out to encourage confidence by enhancing what is already there. With our passion for customer service, personal touches and reasonable prices we have prided ourselves on being one of London's customer focused establishments.

The Beginning

Our business was created when we realized no spa in London offered Velashape (cellulite and body contouring) treatments. Having worked in the Toronto beauty industry for years, we were heavily exposed to laser and body treatments that were not yet introduced to the London area. We decided it was time we offered this service to the London population....and so our baby was born. Our first official treatment to help men and women to smooth over "problem areas" on their bodies, the Velashape. Next came skin. Lumps and bumps on our bodies are hidden for most the year, but our faces are open to the public all year round. We began researching the best non-invasive treatments and decided to focus on microdermabrasion to restore youth, combat acne scars, wrinkles and so much more...essentially we were prepared to smooth out skin. Can you guess why we came up with our name? Smooth skin and bodies include less cellulite, less lines and less hair.......post treatment you leave feeling "Always Smooth"

2 Services, what next

Through conversations with friends and families, a service we completely overlooked came to our attention. Spray Tanning...those of us who are bronze challenged will understand this revelation we had. Doesn't everyone feel good when we have that slight glow? Well not everyone has experienced that instant boost in self esteem, where your imperfections are momentarily camouflaged by that slight golden hue that makes you feel like a Brazilian God/Goddess....so came our next focus. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but we wanted to make everyone feel confident...including our porcelain skinned beauties, and even better we were able to achieve this in a healthy formula. So, we established a location, became experts in our 3 treatments and quickly started introducing more services over time through continuing studies and making space for our other existing skills.

One day.....

Although we never want to lose our small, personal, family spa, we do want to continue to give you the best experience. We continue to learn new trends, keep up with new products and services and hope to provide you a holistic approach to beauty. We currently offer client focused services and different product lines for an improved at home maintenance program. Happily we have achieved our goal to introduce ancient holistic practices and one day we hope to expand these healing services to focus more on mental well being to better help improve our client's quality of life and relaxation time.